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Southland DJs started in 2014 under the name 'Austin Classic DJ' as a small add-on wedding service by a husband and wife photography team.  In less than a year, their little business had DJ'd over 50 weddings and developed a reputation as one of the top wedding DJs in Central Texas.  Year after year business increased until it became obvious that a major expansion was needed to handle the demand for quality DJ services.  And Southland DJs was born.  Our company DJs hundreds of weddings a year...and we put our heart and soul into each and every one of them.



IS for couples who love fun
IS professional
IS easy and stress-free

It's simple.  Our style is your style.
Our process is easy and allows you to be as involved...or uninvolved...in the music for your wedding day as you would like to be.  Our experienced DJs are pros at putting together the perfect soundtrack for your wedding day.

We understand that price is important and we do our best to be as open and transparent as possible.  No need for 47 back and forth emails to access super-secret pricing.  All of our pricing is openly available on our website and super easy to understand.  No need to worry about DJ jargon and confusing add-ons.  Our packages contain everything you need to host an amazing party!

Honest and easy

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Tony from Southland DJs was beyond exceptional. He was very communicative from the very start of when we hired him for our wedding which was very reassuring. He definitely knows how to work the crowd and people never left the dance floor! The photo booth he provided was the best quality I have ever seen and it was a huge hit with our guests. Tony went above and beyond on our big day and we are so happy we made the decision to go with him. 5 stars isn't enough to rate this experience. Thanks Tony!!

- ashley and john

Nikita was AWESOME to work with and made sure everyone was constantly on the dance floor! He also had our unusual ceremony music in perfect timing with what we wanted! He did exactly as we asked and was so kind and funny the whole night!

- Jessica and Austin

Southland DJs did a wonderful job as our DJ! I didn't have to worry about a thing with him announcing everything because he was so well-prepared and organized with his questionnaire before the wedding. He also brought an awesome photo-booth that was so much fun for all my guests! His music selection was amazing and definitely made it a great experience for everyone! Highly recommend!

- Kelsey and Lance

Wedding DJ and
Photo Booth